Monday, December 31, 2012

-confession time 2012: better late than never-

What better time for a soul-cleansing confession than mere hours from the biggest fresh start of the year??

(Well, that and the fact that we're laying low this NYE, and since we're getting old, I'm trying to do something to stay awake til midnight).

So, here we go---it's time to, er, come clean.

I am a closet slob.

Well, I have become a closeted slob.

Ok, so really, it only happens like every 3 months or when I'm under extreme duress. Which has been a lot lately.

It starts with a deadly combination of a consistently unmade bed (another sign of distress for me), a set of clothing that doesn't quuuuite need to be thrown in the laundry, and at least one change of shoes within a day. Before you know it, your bed looks like this:

And the it starts breeding.
And before you know it, it's spread to the other room.

The mounting piles of clothes, the disarray of shoes, the unfolded clean laundry from three weeks ago, the dirty laundry rearing its ugly head out of the hamper...

I suppose this is much more horrifying if you know that I come from a long line of pathological organizers and fritzers (i.e. superfluously tinkering with the arrangement of things). You know, one of those families that makes their kids make their beds before coming downstairs for Christmas morning?

Anyways, I feel better about this confession already. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a break and accept all facets---even the dirty sock kind---about yourself.

Geez, is that my age speaking? Let's call it wisdom. Or perspective.

One of my New Year's resolutions will be to work to manage the situations that encourage this swift and ugly downfall (you know when your husband is concerned about your newly acquired slovenly habits, it's bad. very bad).

Here's hoping you all have the New Year's resolutions of your dreams and an amazing 2013!