Wednesday, August 8, 2012

-so long, farewell...-

So I know I was talking big shiitake the other day on Facebook about my newly acquired "SEE YA!!" to summer attitude.

I mean, with the advent of crisp air, fall colors, SOCKS---who hates the glorious transition from summer to fall besides schoolkids? And teachers? And schoolhour commuters who get stuck behind buses? 

Well, I may have to take it all back.

Let me tell you the BEST way to lose time is to troll through outrageous food photos and recipes on The Delicious Life, which is personal blog of the hot-shot Presidente of Tastespotting, a website devoted to the most lascivious of fancy photo food porn (WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE IF YOU VALUE YOUR WAISTLINE).

This morning I got suckered into visiting The Delicious Life via 31 Things to Eat and Drink Before Summer Fades, and boy, THAT was a mistake.

There is SO much left to do (and by do, I mean eat)!

Now I'm all jazzed up to revisit salad season, especially if it's (Corn on the) Cobb Salad:
via Sarah Gim/The Delicious Life

And Kaleslaw:
via Sarah Gim/The Delicious Life

And most definitely dairy-free Green Goddess Dressing:
via Sarah Gim/The Delicious Life
Luckily the farmstand up the road hits the sweet spot in August! Now where's my stash of rosé...