Sunday, April 15, 2012

-what a difference a shade makes-

Right now, I am in the midst of the most beautiful and peaceful morning I can remember.

This weekend has been the bearer of completely beautiful weather, and this morning is no exception.

It's slightly cool out, perfect for a light sweater and coffee on the deck.

The slow-moving sun lazily peeks out over the back of the house---it is Sunday after all.

There's a steady drip-drip of tree sap from a wounded branch.

Birds celebrate the sun's arrival with a polyphonic chorus of chirps, twitters, and sing-song flutters...a percussive woodpecker's knock and a contemplative descending whole step call emerges from the symphony.

There's a splash and a honk from two mallards on the pond.

(I fight an irresistible urge to break the magic and call out, 'Nature! Goulet!')

The beast at my feet looks up from mouthing his prey, ears perked, eyes alert and inquisitive. And most importantly, he is silent in his wonder.

This is a perfect morning indeed.


Unfortunately, any kind of normal, let alone good morning has been few and far between since we got the beast.

It hasn't been all Wolfie's fault.

Sure, he loves to get up multiple times in the middle of the night for a so-called potty break (i.e. a chance to prance around the backyard), but the real killer has been the ungodly 5 am "hey-I'm-awake-look-at-me" barking.

We couldn't really blame him---

All we had over our bedroom windows were these sheer, cream West Elm linen curtains, and lo and behold the sun actually does start to peek out before 6am. The other culprit are the birds who are up and active in the wee hours of the morning calling to his little doggie instincts.

So after a few weeks of torture, we finally broke down and got blackout shades for our bedroom windows.

Oh, what a difference a shade makes!

Instead of 5am barking, this morning I was awoken by a wet nose at 6:38. Twenty minutes of be-quiet belly-rub time, and all of a sudden it's almost 7 am.

Sunday church has never known such a joyful Hallelujah.

Here's hoping that however you celebrate your Sunday, it is full of joy, peace and sleepy puppies.