Monday, March 19, 2012

-hard lessons from a soft puppy-

Well, I have to admit the past three weeks have been pretty brutal between getting a puppy, starting a new job, and having a major concert this past week.

But I HAVE learned some valuable lessons, so future puppy owners, listen up!

-I have no idea how long three minutes is (That was the timing guideline for how long it takes a puppy to do his business).

-Wolfgang has no idea how long three minutes is. He must be counting in dog years because it's more like 10 minutes. 15 when it's the middle of the night.

-It's a little known fact, but Samoyeds were bred to be super cute so we wouldn't give them away after a week.

-Potty training at 4 AM and drinking too much wine definitely do not mix (currently reevaluating life's work to save sanity).

-You may start out thinking that a raw diet is best, but after your vet tells you your full-grown dog may eat 4 pounds a day, kibble all of a sudden is best.

-The fluffier a puppy is, the harder it is to tell when he's peeing on the floor. Right in front of you. As you're petting him.

-I've gone from a 2 am/late night Facebook stalker to a 6 am/early morning Facebook stalker based on Wolfgang's sleep patterns.

-I understand now why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.

I feel that Kevin's and my relationship is really evolving---we're talking a lot more. Mostly about the dog. Mostly about whether the dog went potty in the house or outside of the house. And when. And was it #1 or both? Both?? *highfive*

-Actually, I can't remember what we talked about before Wolfgang. Or what we did. Life before puppy is a blur---or maybe that's the sleep deprivation talking.

-Evidently there is an actual limit to the amount of puppy videos and photos I can upload on my iPhone.

-Patience really is a virtue, and it's been many years since I could lay claim to a virtue.

-For your future self-defense: Puppy teeth may well be the world's deadliest weapon. Also, a Samoyed's bark has been known to split eardrums.

-You can't fight puppy-love.