Friday, January 27, 2012

-new member of the family!!-

Well, it finally happened!

I've been yearning and blabbering about this for YEARS, but after finally acclimating to the Big Settle and finishing a lot of work with the house, we finally feel like we're in a good place to add on to our little family!

We were trying to keep it a secret until we were certain, so we waited until Christmas to share the news with our families...


I'm SO proud to give our parents a grand-dog. I think I shared with some of you our disappointing/heart-breaking experience of trying to go through a shelter, so in the end we ended up with a reputable breeder in Vermont.

What breed you ask? Well, we knew we wanted a big dog....

Golden Retriever? Been there, been bitten by that.
Pitbull? A worthy breed, but we don't need a serious guard dog.
Chesapeake Retriever? There's a pond in our back yard. Enough said.

So after taking a bunch of these and doing some research on what breeders were active in the area, we found:

via Petra Wegner
The Samoyed (pronounced sam-eh-yed by the Westminster Kennel Club, but we've heard sam-oi-yed as well) is named after a nomadic tribe from Siberia.

They originally helped herd reindeer (awesome) and pulled sleds. They're super-kid friendly as they would sleep with children to keep them warm.

Now I know what you're thinking: HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LOT OF FUR. But this is why we bought a shop-vac in place of a normal carpet vacuum. Plus, because of their double-coat, they're considered a hypo-allergenic breed since they don't shed dander.

Samoyed puppy via wikipedia
Sammies are a very playful, very smart breed. And smiley. And ADORABLE. Did I mention adorable yet??
puppies via our breeder Sterling Samoyeds
The puppies are only a few weeks old, so we have til the end of February before we can take our little one home. Hopefully my head won't explode from now until then. Just be prepared that this website might be all puppy all the time.

This quick videos sums up nicely how awesome this breed is!

In case that wasn't enough cuteness, sammies are famous for their singing. Finally, a duet partner.

Kev and I are actually heading up this weekend to meet the puppies and their mama, and to ask our breeder approximately 1.95 million questions.

Should I wear all black to start estimating the damage to our wardrobes?

In fluff we trust.