Tuesday, January 3, 2012

-film fiend: super 8-

Two words: "production value".

I am officially obsessed with the J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg collaboration, Super 8.

You will dig this movie if you were a child of the '80s.

You will LOVE this movie and want to watch it twice in two days (who does that?) if you know the answers to these questions:

Geek Quiz:
QUESTION 1: What is ET's favorite candy?

QUESTION 2: Which famous actor did NOT star in Stand by Me?
     1) Jerry O'Connell
     2) Corey Haim
     3) Kiefer Sutherland
     4) River Phoenix

QUESTION 3: How did the film Cloverfield get its title?

QUESTION 4: Who does Donnie Darko fantasize about in therapy?

QUESTION 5: In Goonies, what is Chunk's real name?

NICE. You nailed those!

Glad we're all kindred spirits here. I'm not sure there's much more to say without giving away the goods---take the camaraderie of Stand By Me, the group dynamics of The Goonies, the Abrams' alien effect of Cloverfield (heck, throw in a good dash of Close Encounters of the Third Kind while you're at it), the character Elliot in E.T., the creepy, fascinating world of Donnie Darko, the (Lost/Up) inspired music of Michael Giacchino...and you've got Super 8.

Maybe I was in a place where I needed to nurture my inner kid, but seriously---

This is mint.

Monday, January 2, 2012

-local obsession: old chatham sheepherding co.-

I'm a picky yogurt eater.

There's a certain...textural element about cheap, nasty yogurt that grosses me out. Take this commercial for example:

Seriously? I have to leave the room when this comes on. *gag*

So when I discovered Old Chatham Sheepherding Company's plain yogurt, it was like the Hallelujah chorus resounded with every tangy, creamy bite. And what's not to like? The Clarks have 600 lush acres in the Hudson Valley where they tend their flock.

Tom & Nancy Clark via OCSC

And then I discovered THIS grocery shopping at Whole Foods:
Hello, gorgeous---mild with an edible, pungent rind and incredibly silky...

on that note, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go

-a big settle setback-

I admit that the Big Settle has been going pretty smoothly, except for...dun, Dun DUN!

The Career.

I knew there'd be some repercussions from moving around, playing it safe in retail, and having to reboot my career two times in two years, and definitely some lessons to be learned. The latest one?

Timing is everything.

Over the last few weeks, I had been interviewing for a new job. In a lot of ways, this job was over my head experience-wise, but I knew if somehow I could nail it, it would save me 5+ years of crap work and position climbing.

I wasn't even sure I wanted the position until I got the second interview and THEN I got invested. I walked away from that second interview knowing I was honest about my background and represented myself well. Nothing to be ashamed of.

That was four days before Christmas. So I waited to hear back. Christmas passed and I waited some more. Heck, New Years passed, and that's when the timing part comes in.

We get back from a New Year's Day walk/hike and I'm feeling good---we've been talking about resolutions and travel and the house...and I finally checked the mail. Lying there was a letter from this company's HR department thanking me for my interest and saying they were focusing on other candidates.


The letter was postmarked on the 28th. If I had checked the mail the day before, I would have had a kick-ass Champagne fueled "no more compromise in 2012" "I'm following my heart from now on" "screw those guys!" kind of New Year's Eve.

Instead, there was copious moping. The ego always takes a hit in these situations---it's embarrassing, and rejection always makes you question yourself. So that's exactly what I did for the rest of the afternoon. Ok, ok and the evening too.

What a way to spend the first day of the new year, right??

Thanks for listening, guys. Here's my gift to you: