Thursday, November 1, 2012

-hollywood cemetery-

Welp, I'd give 2012's Halloween a report card rating of C.

A+ - Cinema selections
C-  - Number of Trick or Treaters (only 5!? I thought this was suburbia!)
F    - No time to carve a pumpkin
A+ - Dinner of roasted sausages, butternut squash and brussels
D   - No occasion to wear a costume

But does anyone else feel a big change the day AFTER Halloween??

All of a sudden, the creepy decorations look out of place, over the top. The sun's brighter, the air has a bitter chill to it, and you find yourself wanting warmth, inviting smells, candles in the windows...and THEN you realize there are 3 weeks until Thanksgiving!

Holy crap, I'm already behind.

Only once, in 2008, when the Handyman fianc√© and I were living in Richmond, was I able to ignore the post-Halloween pounding "IT'S ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS" mantra beating in my brain.

As Richmond was the former capital of the Confederacy, there's plenty of historic sites to go around, and there's a famous graveyard called the Hollywood Cemetery (the double entendre being that it's named after the many holly trees in the area, and that there are several famous people buried at this picturesque spot).

I was obsessed with incorporating a tour of the Hollywood Cemetery into my Halloween traditions when I realized that a more poignant day would be All Souls Day on November 2nd. Unfortunately, the walking tours end in October, but that year I managed to snag the last tour on November 1st, All-Saints Day (aka All Hallows Day hence All Hallows Eve the night before)!

Fall in Richmond, VA is a truly beautiful time---come November, many of the trees are still in full color, and the weather can be mild.

The graveyard dates back to 1849, and there are several 'celebrities' in the cemetery including Presidents John Tyler and James Monroe, as well as Confederate heroes J.E.B. Stuart and "President" Jefferson Davis.

I remember this grave being poignant, as George T. West was my age (at the time) when he passed, and our birthdays were just a few days apart. Maybe the morbidity of Halloween does pass on into November...

Anyways, I'll stop yakking. I've always wanted to share these photos, and if you're ever in Richmond, or are a resident who hasn't been, definitely put the HC on your list! 

Ok, I gotta go pack up the creepies and get the fake gourds out of the attic...

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