Friday, December 30, 2011

-your best year ever-

YOU just had the best year ever. Yes, you. And you. And you. We all did.

Think about it. This year you:

Bought a house. Listened to a friend. Had a perfect cocktail. Made the perfect cocktail. Switched jobs. Had a baby. Spotted someone a penny. Traveled somewhere warm. Traveled somewhere abroad. Ran a marathon. Finished school. Got a pet. Got a raise. Ate an amazing meal. Made an amazing meal. Performed in front of an audience. Made something with your own two hands. Called your parents. Remembered to send a birthday card. Took the perfect nap. Hugged a grandparent. Smiled at a stranger. Found religion. Or not. Donated to a charity or an alma mater. Got married. Held a baby. Weathered a storm.

We, collectively, have done all of these things. And if you've done just one of these things, you've had a pretty good year.

So this New Years Eve, give yourself a break. Put off those new years resolutions for another day---you've had the best year ever.