Saturday, December 3, 2011

-post Snowmageddon 2011 report!-

I never thought I would be the recipient of a federal disaster fund, but lo and behold Glastonbury received some federal funds for our little snowstorm last month!

This should be exciting except we had to move this:

From here:

To here:

Yup, that's half of our share.

Let's just say by the end if that little project, I was deliriously humming:

praying that root I grabbed wasn't dormant poison ivy (can poison ivy even BE dormant??), and realizing that wearing my lululemon yoga pants for yard work is only a good idea if you're into wearing dried leaf bell-bottoms (insert hippie tree-hugger pun here).

I couldn't resist throwing in a very first-world problem to remind myself of how good I have it! Hey, it could be worse---the storm could have crushed our cabana.

-a study in marriage, holiday edition-

Good news!

We're finally getting the wall torn down and supported between the living room and the kitchen on Monday.

Kevin spent the weekend prepping by doing this.


And dealing with this (what IS that??).

To get us here:

But then again it was only a few weekends before Christmas, so to get in the holiday spirit I finally found and bought our tree this:

And made this (not the goose).

Yes, I made a Christmas tie for Mr. Goose*.
Note the Windsor knot.

A perfect marriage of talents and interests.

How does YOUR household split up the holiday duties---er, cheer? Tell me in comments!

*contrary to popular belief, Mr. Goose is not, in fact, a family heirloom from my Eastern Shore wood decoy heritage. He's an antique from the Swedish homesteading Oakeson family---go figure.