Friday, November 18, 2011

-mcleans annual thanksgiving day panic-

Some people are in doubt of my love of Thanksgiving because I've stretched the cardinal rule and am listening to Christmas music before Turkey Day, but let me set the record straight.

I love Turkey Day---I love what we're celebrating, I love the food, I love the ritual of preparation, I love the TV traditions. Heck, I even love the family part.

But every year there is a certain amount of panic that ensues the week before Thanksgiving (if you've ever hosted a holiday you know what I'm talking about), and this year is no exception.

Well, this year IS the exception since our living room has no sofa, no rug, no fresh paint, no fireplace front...basically it's a complete disaster a la the Room of Requirement (100pts if you know what that is)!

So as of today, the Friday before Thanksgiving, my living room set to host my family looks like this (see below). Say a little gobblegobble prayer for me...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

-my first chainsaw-

Usually, the sound of a chainsaw invokes a strong subconscious reaction.

A sense of dread among horror flick fans.

A vision of cash flow for lumberjacks.

Slight confusion among city folk (man, those squirrels get louder every year!).

But to me, a chainsaw smells like freedom.

So yes, we have liberated ourselves and cut our way out of the disaster that is our property!

Ok, so maybe the city finally sent the Parks and Rec guys to clear our driveway, but still!

The big news is really that Kevin bought his first chainsaw. Totally necessary of course. He also got a splitting axe, a wheelbarrow, chainsaw chaps...heck, this storm might be the best thing to happen to his testosterone since his first power tool purchase!

He's literally been out every day this week chopping wood. I told him if he doesn't grow a beard the Lumberjack Association will confiscate his chainsaw and give him a hefty fine. It is No-Shave November after all.

Things are finally getting back to normal here on Evergreen Lane---i.e. Kevin working and I'm painting, and for right now it's good enough!

Here are some pics of the chainsaw chaps, our immense amount of firewood, and the path to freedom: