Wednesday, November 9, 2011

-Snowmageddon 2011-

Snowmageddon, you say?

When and where exactly was this catastrophic event, you may ask?

Well if you weren't within a 200 mile radius of Hartford, Connecticut then you probably either didn't get much of it or hear about it afterwords.

Let me update you.

The Saturday before Halloween, Hartford and its surrounding towns (hey, that's us!) got about a foot of snow in a 24 hour.

I mean, they canceled Halloween!

Now normally I would say hey, not a big deal---I live in New England it's part of the deal, but the problem was that we hadn't lost many leaves on the trees yet, so the damage was quite impressive.

So impressive in fact, that what was originally planned to be a three-day trip to San Diego the day of the storm to visit friends turned into a whole week since there was no way to access our property (just to confirm, there are definitely worse places to be stranded then sunny San Diego)!

I can only imagine if little 91-year-old Mary O'Meara had still been living here---she would've needed the fire department to rescue her (lest we forget our house is practically a fortress with a rock on one side, a stream on the other, and a pond in the backyard)!

Although I do feel lucky there wasn't any real damage to the house, (a Christmas miracle!) our poor trees took a beating and so did our yard.

Completely frustrating... every time we feel like we're making headway, some major thing gets in the way.

What's that? You'd like a new bed? Too bad! You've got to buy a furnace chimney liner! Oh, but wait, now you need to pay a tree surgeon so scratch everything else except that.

Sorry for the dark post... we are hoping to be back on track today or tomorrow, but for now here's what we've been up against: