Thursday, October 6, 2011

-a deck with a view-

Why, hello there Fall.

So nice of you to FINALLY join us.

Granted, I'll probably wish you had held off for some warmer days when it's the dead of February, but right now I am totally digging the dropping mosquito population, changing leaves, and Halloween prep!

In memoriam to your late brother, Summer, I am posting the before and after pics of our sad, little deck.

Here's a video I took while we were getting the house inspected mid-Spring. The footage is more of the view from the deck, but you get a totally sweet shot of the baby gate, patio table and ugly planters that were left behind (and if there's audio, I beg you to try to ignore it).

Our deck in greener times.
No, literally, the deck was covered with mossy stuff.

Here are some action shots of Kev breaking in his new BGE on the 4th of July weekend---no porch furniture as of yet.

I know what you're thinking, "PLEASE tell me kept those fabulous plastic planters nailed into the railing!" The answer is no.
Our chairs from Richmond made it, but the deck definitely needed work.

Fortunately, there are no actions shots of me worshipping, er using our new gas-powered power washer. EVERYONE SHOULD OWN ONE. There was some kind of gray paint on the deck, so the post-power washer end result gave it a whitewashed feel.

We decided this deck is on the 5-year plan, so we're not going to repaint and hope it hangs in there!
Here's the finished deck from above.

Honestly, this whole set-up is just waiting for the time when we don't have bigger home reno fish to fry. I'll let you know if I figure out when that time is.

The chairs, which I love, are from Pier 1, the side table has a twin and is from Target, and the patterned pillows were made by my Aunt Sally.

We divvied up our deck into two zones---the 'relaxing, watching Kevin work the BGE' zone, and the 'hey, the mosquitos aren't bad! Let's eat outside' zone.

You can see where I went a little overboard with the power washer on the house. Easy to do, let me tell you. 

I think I got this rug from Target a while back. Indoor/outdoor rugs have really gotten awesome. This reminds of the Greek key pattern.

We could only afford to start with two chairs, but hey, it's a start!

Evidently the best time to buy porch furniture is the end of the summer-- this Pier 1 outdoor wicker 6 footer was on the super cheap.

These stacking outdoor wicker chairs were also on sale from Pier 1.

Well, it's definitely not the most exciting update to the house (or blog post for that matter), but it's certainly hard to beat the view! I plan on wasting away many hours on this deck wrapped in blankets, drinking wine, and watching the leaves change.