Saturday, October 1, 2011

-a change in statistics-

It's October!

I'm just going to let that sink in for a moment.

Hard to believe we've been living on Evergreen Lane for just over two months! I think we've made significant progress with the house (not that you all would know since I am the WORST at posting any 'after' pics).

I've also made some significant progress on a personal level. You may have noticed that my 'About Me' section is quite different from before!

(I'll give you a second here to go notice.)

I see this as a vast improvement from the sad, sorry original "Car-less, jobless, friendless and living in Small Town, Connecticut. Hello new life!"

I'm happy to report things are looking up: Now, I have a car!

(Ok, it's my mom's old car, but it's a Volvo, people. A Volvo!)

Now, I have a job!

(Ok, it's only part-time, and with what I'm getting paid it'll probably barely cover the wine we'll end up buying, but this is my LAST career redux. hopefully).

Now, I have friends!

(Ok, I really just met a few neighbors and some people from the chorales I'm singing with, but it's a start.)

I think it's safe to say I am slowly but surely settling into the Big Settle by committing my energies to our little house, our little town, and what is hopefully the last career reboot!

Here's hoping you all are experiencing a Fall as energizing as my own!

(Too chipper? Yeah, sorry about that. Just trying to inspire myself to slog upstairs to peel the last of the wallpaper...)

Nurse, hand me my putty knife!

Monday, September 26, 2011

-it's all good (bottles)-

I know, I know.

You're thinking, where the hell are those home renovation pictures we were promised about 10 posts ago, and WHY haven't there been any wine articles??

Ok, maybe just the former.

But I finally did write an article! Andrews, my former co-worker from Boston, started a totally sweet website called All Good Bottles. He had asked me to consider writing a few articles, and of course I procrastinated for a few weeks, but when one of my favorite importers of natural, old school wines passed away last week, I felt tribute was needed!

I hope you enjoy (especially Andrew's pics), and be sure to keep an eye on All Good Bottles---Oktoberfest beer reviews and seasonal wine drinking articles are on the horizon!