Wednesday, August 10, 2011

-a day in the life: August 2011-

I'm sad to report this is an average summer day here:

I wake up, confirm that yes, my body consistently consumes 9-10 hours of sleep without blinking (so to speak). I resolve to start using an alarm. Next week.

Morning mosquito bite count: 20.

I go down to the basement to empty out our full 3-gallon dehumidifier, now a daily ritual.

I go pet the washer and dryer, as they are the only really functioning things in the house.

I make breakfast and kill 3 flies. Ugh, almost too grossed out to eat.

Coffee ensues, followed by a good 30 to 90 minutes on the phone to various home furnishing and shipping companies trying to track our purchases down.

To avoid punching something, I go outside to vigorously sweep the garage and cut back hedges.

Mid-day mosquito bite count: 26.

The afternoon usually consists of: procrastinating, re-writing lists, actually starting some kind of cleaning/painting/sanding project, laundry, staring at unpacked boxes, showering, contemplating how badly our only functioning bathroom needs renovation, and grocery-list making.

Decide against grocery shopping. We go out for dinner.

We high-five each other on the drive home for getting to live in such an awesome town in such an amazing house. Hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

We leave ONE light on. When we get back, we realize there's a small tear in the window screen next to this lamp, and currently have 200 small black bugs circling the room.

I have a freak-out.

After pleading with Kevin that these could be baby mosquitoes or flies, he gallantly Shop-Vacs the little bastards up.

He goes down to the basement and discovers we have a small flood.

He has a freak-out.

We clamber into bed, try to remember why we chose this god-forsaken house, and I ice my bulls-eye sand-dollar-sized mosquito bite.

Bed-time mosquito bit count: 27.

Tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is my husband.

He. is. awesome.

More importantly, he is BEYOND overdue for some serious praise, gold stickies, and all-around high-fiving.

Since today is his birthday, what better time for a little tribute (of course there's no guarantee that he'll ever read this post, but hey, it'll be out there right)?

Top Ten List (and in no particular order):

1. He makes me laugh, everyday. More importantly, he makes me laugh at myself.

2. The man can drywall, build a deck, reroute plumbing, update electrical, build a pond, refinish a hardwood floor, build an entire kitchen from scratch, put in tile, take out tile...

3... and is altogether a really, really talented woodworker when he's not forced to do the other things listed above!

4. He loves his family. Heck, he loves MY family. (Being close with one's family is not high up on the priority list when you're young, but my-oh-my when you grow up and realize you DO still love and need your family after all those years, it becomes massively important that your person values the same. I lucked out.)

5. He is smart AND hardworking. Kev has been in high gear for the past 6 weeks a) developing his new position, b) organizing ALL the logistics involved with moving, c) doing MOST of the physical work involved with us moving, and d) generally plowing ahead with life non-stop. I'm exhausted for him.

6. He keeps his friends for life.

7. He is a closeted gourmand.

8. Curly hair. This is why we got married.

9. I love that he is always willing to try something new with me---traveling abroad, new restaurants, dance lessons, etc.

 10. Most importantly, Kevin is, well, a good person. That might not carry much cachet these days, but I do feel like I got one of the last honest, down-to-earth men out there: "At that moment I knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon."

Happy Birthday and a 'You rock!' high-five, babe! <3