Wednesday, July 27, 2011

-big settle-ism #1-

You know you've still got some adjusting to do when...

Kevin and I get in the car to drive to Home Depot (doing a LOT of that lately) and to run a few other errands. Kev brings with him some hardware to match at HD and an envelope he needs to mail.

A couple of hours later, we're driving back to our neighborhood and I hold up the envelope and say, 'did you need to drop this somewhere?'

'Oh crap, I forgot---we need to go back and mail that,' he replies.

(insert long silence here)

'Babe,' I say, 'you know that we have a MAILBOX at the house right? You can just stick it in the mailbox and they'll pick it up.'

(insert blank look)

'Soooo...to do that...is that what the red flag thingie is for?'

(pause followed by hysterical laughter)

I guess it takes time to turn a city mouse into a country one.