Tuesday, July 12, 2011

-la casa nueva de Oakeson!-

Kevin likes to call it "the cabin".

As in, "it's so overgrown and secluded it might as well be a mountain cabin".

But I know better.

Our little Cape Cod was built by the O'Meara family in 1959---to put that in perspective, men hadn't landed on the moon, and the average cost of a new home was $12,700.

Ah, the good ol' days.

Now I have a feeling that 42 Evergreen Lane was a custom-built home that even Betty Draper would be proud of: there's a kitchen drawer with a built-in breadbox, a laundry chute that runs 2 floors into the basement, gold-leaf tiles around the fireplace (more on that)...

It's held up remarkably well---especially considering Mrs. Mary O'Meara was still running the place at 91. And in pearls, no less!

(And yes, we have the same married initials. Creepy? More like Karma, people.)

Our new home needs a good scrub and some updating, but hey, every woman should master un-wallpapering before she's 30, right??

Super-long, you-scroll slideshow commencing:

What kind of person leaves the new owners a Welcome Home card??
The nicest one ever :) Thanks, Mary!

Living room. Yes, that is a cookie-monster-blue carpet.
Yes, that is being taken out immediately.

Kev surveying his kingdom through the LR windows.

Nothing says 60's chic like a wood-paneled fireplace!

I kid you not, this is a gold-leafed tile of a stamp of Columbus' 3 ships.
And yes, I'm keeping it.

The future dining/hearth room---my favorite room in the house!

Hello gorgeous hardwood floors! Goodbye blue wainscoting! 

Electric candles included.

This gargantuan fireplace sold me immediately.
Kitchen to the left, LR to the right. 

Lots of OPD opportunities here!

America! F* yeah!

The Kitchen in all of its old-school glory!

Beautiful view of the Rock.

Who doesn't love a Dutch door?

Kev standing over the bar, er, desk area.

This wall separating the kitchen and living room is the first thing to go!

Contents of the fridge. Clearly we've come to the right place.

Layer upon layer of kitschy wallpaper

Your eyes do not deceive you: this is, in fact, a can cabinet.

The Study/TV room, across the hall from the LR.

real oil lamps!

Future bookcase/entertainment center

Mary left us some totally sweet speakers.

Downstairs (full) bathroom

The dim lighting is its strong suit.

Super old-school brass hardware.

I feel a strong nautical theme here...

First floor guestroom with back deck access---reserve your spot today!

Blue carpet gots to go!

Well folks, if you actually got down THIS far, I congratulate you because I'm exhausted. Just know that the basement is dark and dank, and the upstairs has two bedrooms and a full bath much like the first floor. Ugly wallpaper and nice hardwood floors abound.

One of the most exciting parts of seeing our house (as owners) for the first time? Getting to check the mail:
Our first piece of mail! Thanks Tom & Keely!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

-neurosis and a half-

I hate moving. A lot.

 It's right up there with waiting in line at the bank, pedestrians who walk during the green arrow, and walking all the way home from the grocery store before you realize that super nice piece of wild Atlantic salmon you just scored got left behind in the checkout line.

Anywho, the hate doesn't stem from having to start from scratch or settle in a new space: it's about the MESS.

It's about the MESS and the CLUTTER and the STUFF that seems to multiply like teenaged rabbits all over your floor and behind closet doors and trips you down the stairs and chokes up any last maneuverable space in an already cramped apartment.

See why this post-title is appropriate?

Now that I have that off my chest, I'm going to do what any self-respecting, self-medicating neurotic would do---pour a glass of wine and go wrangle up some bubblewrap...


-opd, yeah you know me!-


One. Pan. Dinner.

In an ideal world, ALL meals would be OPDs.

Let's be honest, no one likes to spend the after-dinner hours on actual dishwashing, especially when you have your kids' homework to check, laundry to finish, the dog to walk, want to pour a nightcap and squeeze in another episode of Weeds (don't worry, I'm well aware my 'carefree' adult days are slowing to a halt...).

Garlic shrimp w. buttery corn, asparagus & black beans
(I can take about 0 credit for this tasty OPD since the base recipe is all my mom.)

Serves: 3 (2 entrees + substantial leftovers) or 4 sides dishes

4-5 shrimps per person - rinsed
1 ear of corn per person - de-kerneled
1 bundle of asparagus per batch - finely chopped
1 can of black beans per batch - drained

fresh herbs (whatever floats your boat!)
garlic cloves
red pepper flakes
olive oil

Rule #1: Don't skimp on the shrimps. Get large, fresh ones.

1. Heat up your pan to medium. Add olive oil, red pepper flakes, large crushed garlic cloves.

2. Remove the cloves (instant spicy garlic oil!) and cook shrimp til pink (you can peel them before or after cooking).

3. Pull the shrimp out, add about 1 tbsp. butter or additional olive oil.

4. Cook the corn and asparagus til tender, then toss in black beans and fresh herbs (cilantro was the original, but basil would be great too). Salt + pepper to taste.

Work that one-pan clean-up and relax---little Timmy will come up with an answer on the bus tomorrow why his math homework smells like barrel-aged rum.