Thursday, July 7, 2011

-evergreen lane-

Yes, there is such a bucolically named street.

Or should I say lane.

And now, officially(!), we are homeowners of 42 Evergreen Lane.

actual Glastonbury rainbow

Our new town of Glastonbury (10 minutes southeast of Hartford) holds around 33,000 souls and has bike paths, berry farms, a shiny new Whole Foods...you get the picture. Let's just say they lined Main Street with American flags this past weekend.

notice any similarities?

You can't make this stuff up people!

Glastonbury, henceforth known as G-bury, also has quite a few beautiful historic homes, and while we couldn't afford one of those bad boys, we discovered our hidden gem.

No, literally hidden.

The property is heavily wooded, slightly hidden on a roundabout road:

Kev & the familia waving from the, er, front porch/side yard

The house itself is completely private from Rear Window types, surrounded by:

a) a gurgling mountain stream to the right (now upgraded to 'creek' and 'mosquito headquarters' status because of rain):
taken pre-creek mode

b) a ginormous rock that runs the full length of the left side of the house:
a rock this big needs a name...

and c) a protected forest area in the back with a pond shared by a few neighbors:
time to buy a canoe!

There are some more pictures of the property below (inside house pictures next round!). Hope you all are as wow-ed by this special place as we are when you come visit! *hint hint*

Except for Jessie. 

She's afraid of forests. True Story.

a view from the back yard---looks less like a Cape Cod and more like a mountain cabin!

creek-sized mountain stream

debating the finer points of poison oak removal

creek side of the house---just a little overgrown!


view of the back yard with the pond beyond

the deck!

just begging for huge patio

crawl space under the rock